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Friday, July 3, 2015

FVSU to offer Theatre Minor

June 12, 2015 – Fort Valley State University Joseph Adkins Players give their time, talent and heart to ensuring that their theater performances are on-mark for opening night. In the fall, those thespians will have an opportunity to receive classroom credit in exchange for their efforts thanks to a new theater minor program that was recently approved during a faculty senate meeting.
According to Dr. Maisha Akbar, an associate professor of fine arts, the minor program was launched to create a direct link between Fort Valley State University and Georgia’s $5.1 billion film and television production industry. Currently, the state ranks number two after California for film production.
“The Theatre/Performance Studies minor will prepare the students with the skills that will result in a broadening of student job opportunities, including those that are supported by Governor Nathan Deal’s allocation of a portion of the 2015 state budget,” Akbar said. “Additionally, the proposed minor will effectively update the departmental/college/university curriculum to reflect current trends that integrate art.”
Akbar expects to have 15 to 40 students within her minor program during the first year, whose primary majors will be largely composed of drama students, as well as mass communications students who want to supplement their programs with Theatre/Performance Studies curriculum.
Students will need to earn 18 hours in order to receive a minor in theater studies. Students can choose Oral Interpretation (THEA 1203) Survey of Theatre History (THEA 2424), Theatre Practicum (THEA 4473).
Akbar says the new program helps increase students options and opportunities in regard to art-based educational training.
“These activities are not only attractive to students but provides much needed outlets for their talents and interests,” she said. “Theatre/Performance Studies is important in other fields of study as it offers students essential tools for understanding art and culture. These tools include creative thinking and critical analysis, the study of cultural/performance practices, as well as foundational skills upon which students can pursue careers in media research, scholarship and teaching and/or professions in the media and new media industries.”
For more information on the program, contact Akbar at (478) 825-6989 or email akbarm@fvsu.edu.